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Average True Range Candles

The Average True Range (ATR) indicator for MetaTrader will paint the candles on the chart according to the ATR indicator. The settings for the ATR indicator candles can be set by the trader. In the example below, the ATR indicator has the values:
ATR Period 10Multiplier 2 The trader can also set the ATR candles color and, if choosing color 'none' for the ATR line indicator, to hide it (as seen above).
The ATR Candles indicator can be used to understand how the price moves and show the swings that the price forms. With the correct settings for the current chart and time frame, it can be successfully used to enter/exit trades based on the color as it can show exactly when the price reverses.
You can download this RobotFX MT4 indicator for free from here.

Support & Resistance

The Support & Resistance MetaTrader indicator can display the support and resistance lines that the price forms on a certain time frame. These can be used to better understand how the price moves, and sometimes predict the direction of the next move. The indicator doesn't have any settings except for the support/resistance lines color, so using it is as simple as drag'n'drop.
You can download this RobotFX MT4 indicator for free from here.

Background Candles (multi time frames)

The RobotFX Background Candles MT4 indicator can draw (in the background) the candles formed on any higher time frame, right behind the actual frame candles on the current timeframe. In the chart below one could trade on D1 (the background candles drawn by the indicator) and spot the right entry on the actual frame candles, H1.
This MetaTrader indicator eliminates the need for many other indicators (daily open, daily high/low etc) and it is useful because it allows the forex trader to spot the price action and the trend formed on the higher time frames. It is especially useful for those trading with the trend and/or traders trading daily open (etc).
Sometimes it is necessary to check the higher time frames in order to establish the trend direction, or to switch to the lower time frames to enter a trade on the right moment. You can download this RobotFX MT4 indicator for free from here.

Fluid Expert Advisor

RobotFX Fluid is a MetaTrader expert advisor capable of detecting the trend, opening/closing trades only within a defined price movement (at precise entry/exit levels), manage winning trades as well as recovering a lost trade.
The idea behind the RobotFX Fluid expert advisor is not only to spot the trading signals and open trades at the exact right moment, but also to help the traders with their money and trade management. This is where the 95% of the traders fail in forex. They have been indoctrinated with the necessity of using a stoploss and precise take profit targets, risk/reward ratios etc. Ask yourself this:
“If 95% of the traders are losing their money, do I really want to follow the same rules they do?!” That question should be the first thing to cross your mind when following anyone else’s advice, strategy, or even when you buy a trading tool such as this. It is well known that only a small percentage of the traders are successful in this branch. That is not only because mos…

OCO News Expert Advisor

RobotFX OCO News was designed to trade news events in an OCO approach. OCO stands for one cancels other and refers to the EA’s ability to close a pending order (or more) once the price triggers an opposite pending order.
Traders trading the news usually place two pending orders right before an important news event - that is the most known and profitable way to trade forex news - a buy-stop and a sell-stop. During and immediately after the news the price is likely to move in either direction, up or down, therefore triggering one of the pending orders. After that, the remaining (opposite pending) order is deleted.
The difference between RobotFX OCO News trading expert advisor and other one cancels other EA is that RobotFX can place multiple pending orders at a distance of your choice from each other. Also, it doesn’t miss the other important features that any good EA must have, like stoploss, take profit, breakeven, trailing stop etc.
As you can see in the picture above, the EA placed t…